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WisyCom Radios have finally arrived!!

A few days ago I took delivery of 4 channels of WisyCom radios.

  • 2x MCR42 Receivers
  • 2x MTP40s Transmitters
  • 2x MTP41 Transmitters

I have had them out on a couple of jobs and so far they have been incredible, great quality sound, and very easy to use.

I bought two DPA 4060 mics with them so i've mainly been using these as the mics, but I have now put the Lemo connectors on my COS11's so i've tested these as well, and they also sound amazing.

What I found the most incredible was their very low self noise, as in there is none!! I have the main receiver sending an AES3 signal into my Sound Devices 633 and it's silent, no hiss at all. Totally blew me away. Sadly there is only 1 AES3 input on the mixer to the other receiver will have to be Line level, but even that is silent as well.

Very very happy with them, and I hope that they will last me many years!!


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