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Wisycom UPK-Mini

I recently bought the new UPK-Mini programmer for my Wisycom radio kit. This allows me to keep all the devices' firmware up to date as well as programming various functionality into the devices.

I can choose the frequencies that I use regularly and remove the ones I don't, meaning it's quicker to switch frequencies if and when I need to. I'm also able to save different settings for the mics I regularly use, these are easily selected on the transmitters. 

The new firmware for the MCR42 receivers is excellent, another layer of menu has been included and different screens for frequency and audio levels. These screens are really useful if you want to see the information at a glance.

I highly recommend anyone with Wisycom radios to get the new programmer.

FYI. The software is  currently only available to Windows, but i've heard that they are working on a MAC version.