Simon Charles Sound - Dubai based location sound recordist
Production Sound Recordist



Podcasting is becoming more popular all the time, and while many people have the ideas for an awesome podcast, producing it is not always that easy. You need to have a great sound and high production quality.


I can provide a fully produced podcast from assisting with the pre-production, the recording and the editing. If you just want something recorded then I can provide that service as well.

The kit I have for recording podcasts is as follows:

Sound Devices MixPre-6 4 channel recorder
Sound Devices 552 Mixer
2 x Sennheiser e965 handheld condenser microphones (more microphones can be supplied if required)
Headphone amplifier with up to 4 headphones
Stands, pop-shields and cables

As well as recording direct to the MixPre-6 a backup recording will also be made to a laptop or iPad, depending on the situation. This is also useful if a there is a time constraint as the files can be edited quicker.